Indication of Interest for Upcoming February 2022 Repurchase

Please note that the information below is intended to help support the fund’s repurchase process, and is not an official repurchase request. The information requested below is strictly optional, and is intended to help support the fund’s repurchase process. Indications of Interest will not be considered an official repurchase request. Repurchase requests are required to be placed through the clearing firm associated with each client’s account.

Please check with your adviser for any adviser-specific calendar and timing deadlines. For more details around the repurchase window, click here.

Disclosure Statement:

Ecofin makes no assurances that the fund will be able to honor the repurchase indication of interest. Submitting the information here is only as a non-binding indication of interest. This is not an official repurchase submission. Investors must officially submit their repurchase requests through their advisers or the fund’s transfer agent. Please call 866-362-9331 or email for additional information.